Benefits of Bicyling to the Workplace

Cycling is a healthy, quiet, clean, economical, and fun way for your employees to get to work.  Thousands of DC area employees bike to work every day.

Reduced Health Care Costs – According to the Centers for Disease Control, moderate physical activity (such as bicycling to work) saves 5 to 12 percent in annual medical costs, compared with a 6.5 percent savings from employees who don’t smoke. The fitness program at General Electric’s Aircraft Engine unit saves an estimated $540,000 annually, including 760 fewer hospital days per year.

Decreased Absenteeism  – A study by the National Center for Health Statistics found that physical activity is one of the few factors that have a statistically significant effect on absenteeism. Physically fit employees are absent an average of two fewer days per year.

Increased Productivity – Bicyclists and walkers arrive at work with less stress than those who commute by automobile. The Berkeley Wellness Letter reports that “chronic exposure to traffic congestion produces an increase in baseline blood pressure, lowering of frustration tolerance, increases in negative mood, and aggressive driving habits.” In contrast,  bicyclists and walkers often report feeling relaxed and more alert after arriving at work, ready for a more productive day.

Reduced Parking Costs – Some employers spend over $60 per employee per month for a parking spot. At over $700 per year per employee, considerable savings can be achieved when employees use alternative means of getting to work such as bicycling.

Increased Corporate Social Responsibility – Being concerned about the environment is important these days and reflects well on your company. Bicycling is part of being a green-minded company and helps to reduce your carbon footprint.

Bicycling LEEDs to Points – Installing bicycle amenities will help your building gain LEED points. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design which is a certification process offered by the U.S. Green Building Council.