Tips from The League of American Bicyclists

Protect yourself

  • Visibility can be limited, so wear bright clothing

  • Wear waterproof clothing that is breathable with layers underneath

Protect your bike

  • Front and rear fenders will keep you and your bike dry

  • Lube your chain before and/or after a wet ride to replace the lube that washed off

  • Drip chain lube down into your brake and shifter cables to avoid rust


  • Make your turns slowly
  • If you need to brake during a turn, apply the brakes slowly


  • Water on the rims will make it harder to stop
  • Apply the brakes lightly to clean off the rims before you need to stop
  • Allow a greater distance for stopping


  • Bridges, metal grates and painted lines, and crosswalks can be very slick
  • Avoid puddles as they may conceal deep potholes
  • During the first few minutes of rain, oil seeps from the roadway making it very slick