COVID Safety Policies

The following are rules established for the benefit of maintaining public health safety for the Bike to Work Day regional event taking place on Friday, May 21, 2021. All pit stops will strictly adhere to these policies.

Scaled Back Pit Stop Activities

Bike to Work Day has traditionally been synonymous with celebratory gatherings that enjoy camaraderie and, in some cases, have taken on a party-like atmosphere.

Bike to Work Day 2021 will be approached in a different fashion. The emphasis will be one of bicycling for exercise and mental well-being. Those still working from home offices may bike to a local pit stop for a free T-shirt and back home to begin work for the day.

Pit stops will be scaled back to that of “T-shirt pickup points” with just the basics to dissuade congregating and lingering. Participants must stay at the pit stop only for a few minutes, long enough to obtain a T-shirt and perhaps other limited items. Participants should leave the confines immediately after obtaining these materials. Activities and novelties that encourage otherwise will be eliminated.

The following will be prohibited:

  • Music, entertainment, or niceties of any kind including but not limited to wellness demonstrations, and public speakers.
  • Live raffles. Raffles will be conducted on a winner need not be present basis and done so the week following Bike to Work Day.
  • Vendors and staff of vendors.
  • Excessive swag.
  • Activities that would lead to excessive conversations and lingering.
  • Consumption of food or beverage on-site.
Food & Beverage Policy

Only small pre-packaged single-serving snacks and factory sealed beverages will be made available, while supplies last. This will be the extent of food and beverage offerings. Examples may include breakfast bars or bananas/oranges and bottled water.

Pit Stop Hours and Staggered Arrival Times

While registering online, participants will select check-in times at 30-minute intervals.

Convoys will not be organized by WABA in 2021 as they would complicate the staggered arrival time registration adherence.

Mask Enforcement – Zero Tolerance

In compliance with CDC guidelines for proper mask use, all pit stop staff, volunteers, and participants must wear masks covering their nose and mouth during set up, pit stop hours, and break down. Masks may not be removed until beyond the pit stop area, this includes removal for eating or drinking. Any consumption of food and beverages must be done outside of the pit stop area.

Social Distancing Requirements

A distance of 6 feet must be maintained between participants. The pit stop manager will strictly enforce this policy. Any person not following the social distancing policy will be told to leave the event space. Below are safeguards which will take place:

  • 6 ft distance markers will indicate where participants should stand while in line.
  • “One-way” traffic flows will mark entrances and exits to T-shirt tables.
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be set up in multiple areas at each pit stop within the pit stops.
  • For pit stops that require check in of participants, self-check-in stations with pre-sanitized pens in one canister and used pens in another will be used.
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