Frequently Asked Questions


When is Bike to Work Day? Bike to Work Day is Friday, May 15, 2020.

How much does it cost to register for Bike to Work Day? Nothing, Bike to Work Day is 100% completely free.

What is this year’s t-shirt color? The color of the 2020 Bike to Work Day t-shirt is Raspberry.  We think you’ll love it!

How do I get my free t-shirt? You must be one of the first 20,000 who register and participate by bicycling to the pit stop you selected during registration.

Can I request a size for my t-shirt? We cannot guarantee t-shirt sizes for participants. We have a good mix of sizes; Extra Small (XS) to Extra-Extra Large (XXL). Our best advice is to show up early to get the size you want.

What are some of the raffle prizes being given away? There are several bicycles being awarded as grand prizes. Other raffle items may include bike lights, bike locks, bags, helmets, and other small bike accessories. Only registered participants are eligible to win raffle prizes.

Are helmets required? Although helmets are not required, they are recommended.

Can I go to more than one pit stop?  Yes, in fact we encourage you to attend more than one pit stop if you can! During registration, you will be asked to choose one pit stop. The pit stop you registered for is where you must pick up your free t-shirt. The pit stop manager will have a list with your name on it. It is not transferable. We encourage you to visit other pit stops to enjoy the entertainment, food, drinks and the company of other bicyclists.

What will be happening at the pit stops? Each pit stop is different! They will all have food, drinks, raffles, speakers and some have entertainment and much more. You will also pick up your free t-shirt at the pit stop you choose during registration. For details on each pit stop, you may contact the pit stop manager listed on the Bike to Work Day pit stop web page.

What are the commuter convoys? The Washington Area Bicyclist Association organizes many commuter convoys led by experienced bicycle commuters. They all have different start locations. Many end in downtown DC but not all. The convoy leaders begin promptly from the starting location, so please arrive early or on time. Feel free to join the convoy en route if it’s more convenient. Convoy routes and leader contact information are posted on the Bike to Work Day website.

Where do the commuter convoys start and end? Each commuter convoy starts at a different location, many but not all will end in downtown D.C. All of the commuter convoys information is posted on the Bike to Work Day website. If you have questions about the convoy, please email the convoy leader directly.

What if it rains? Bike to Work Day is a rain or shine event! However it is the discretion of each individual pit stop manager to call off their local pit stop under extreme conditions. If a cancellation is made, your pit stop manager will contact you via email, 24 hours in advance. If there is a hint of rain, it’s encouraged to pack rain gear, just in case. Tips for cycling in the rain

What happens if my bike breaks down or I get a flat tire? There isn’t support staff or volunteers to assist participants due to any mechanical issues. Please have your bike serviced and all repairs made prior to Bike to Work Day. During your commute, please carry all necessary repair tools and supplies such as an extra inner tube, air pump, multi-tool and we strongly suggest packing rain gear too (just in case!).

This is my first Bike to Work Day, what do I do? Register first. Bike to Work Day is a free event for everyone commuting to work on a bicycle. Registration is required to receive your free t-shirt (limited to the first 20,000 registered). On Bike to Work Day, there will be 115 local pit stops throughout the region. Each pit stop will have free food, drinks, raffles and much more. The pit stop you have chosen during registration will be the place you pick up your free t-shirt. We also suggest riding to work with a commuter convoy or with a friend.

In preparing for Bike to Work Day, it is suggested to plan your route to work and test ride it before the event perhaps on a weekend. Google Maps offers directions for bicyclists. Make sure to have your bike serviced at a bike shop and all necessary repairs made well in advance. If you are not confident about riding on the road, please take a bicycle safety class with the Washington Area Bicyclist Association, visit

I don’t have an email account, how do I register? A working email account is required for registration. Organizers for Bike to Work Day send updates to participants about the event via email. Google and Yahoo offer free email services.

What time do the pit stops open and close? Pit stops opening and closing times vary.  Most are in the morning, several pit stops are late afternoon, and some are after event happy hour type gatherings. The most up-to-date opening and closing times are listed on the Bike to Work Day website.  If you have questions about an individual pit stop, please contact the pit stop manager listed on the Bike to Work Day Website.

Do I have to be an experienced rider to participate? Bike to Work Day is open to riders of all ability levels.  It is a great opportunity for new and beginning riders to try bicycle commuting for the first time. There will be thousands of bicyclists who will be participating this year who have never commuted by bike before.  There are many great resources for first time riders. Commuter convoys are small groups of riders lead by experienced volunteer commuters.

The Washington Area Bicyclist Forum is a great place to connect with other bicyclists to find a riding buddy. The pit stops are a great place to rest and relax and retool during your commute. Finally, thousands of cyclists commuting to work by bicycle on Bike to Work Day making the roads safer for bicyclists.

Where do I find a buddy to ride with on Bike to Work Day? The Washington Area Bicyclist Forum is an online forum and the place to connect with other area bicyclists. You can look for riding buddies, ask questions about commuting and route selection, and discuss bicycle safety, advocacy and so much more. The community on the forum is helpful, knowledgeable and open to riders of all ability levels.