Frequently Asked Questions

Bike to Work Day is Friday, May 20, 2022. 

The vast majority of pit stops are morning hours only.  There are however a few pit stops with afternoon only hours, and a few that have both morning and afternoon hours.

Not all morning pit stops have the same hours and not all afternoon pit stops have the same hours. There are variances of start and end hours and how long pit stops are open. All hours are posted on each individual pit stop’s web page, as well as during the registration process.


Commuter Connections offers turn-by-turn bicycle routing directions using bicycle-friendly paths and roads. To access the Bicycle Route Finder, you’ll need to login to your Commuter Connections account or set up a free account here.  Commuter Connections services are always free.

Users have the option of choosing the ‘Safest Route’ which places increased emphasis on using bicycle paths (where available) or ‘Shortest Route’ which gives preference to roadways with speed limits of 30 mph or below.


Nothing, Bike to Work Day is 100% completely free.  Although, you can’t have a free T-shirt unless you register and actually show up.  Seems like a fair trade!

The color of the 2022 Bike to Work Day t-shirt is Pink.

Be one of the first 15,000 to register and show up at the pit stop where you register.

No. The T-shirts are for bicyclists who register and come to the pit stop.  Fewer T-shirts were ordered this year because it’s anticipated that fewer bicyclists will be attending.  The T-shirts are limited to participants.


The week following Bike to Work Day you may email your pit stop manager to ask if any T-shirts are left over.  Pit stop managers do not have the resources to mail you a shirt.  At the pit stop manager’s discretion, any possible left over T-shirts may be available for pickup. Keep in mind that your pit stop manager may still be working from home and will not be able to make pick up arrangements until they return to working at their physical office again. Neither WABA nor Commuter Connections (Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments) have any Bike to Work Day T-shirts.

We cannot guarantee T-shirt sizes for participants. We have a good mix of sizes; Extra Small (XS) to Extra-Extra Large (XXL). Please do not contact the pit stop in advance to reserve a specific T-shirt size.

There are several bicycles being awarded as grand prizes.  Only registered participants are eligible to win a bike or any other raffle prizes.  Winners need not be present this year. Some pit stops may have a limited number of giveaway items at the pit stop, while supplies last.

Although helmets are not required for adults, they are recommended.

During registration you will select one pit stop; this is where you must pick up your free T-shirt.  The pit stop manager will have a list with your name on it. It is non transferable.

Due to COVID, do not attend more than one pit stop, only the one that you registered for.

The pit stops will be scaled back for 2021 due to COVID.  You are not only discouraged to stay a while, you are prohibited from doing so.  Please come get your shirt and be on your way.  Please bring your own water and a snack. A few of the pit stops may have food and/or beverage but please don’t rely on that. Any available food or beverages will be individually wrapped and bottled and you may not consume any food or beverage at the pit stop, including your own.  

The bike convoys will not take place this year due to COVID.  Convoys will return in 2022.

Bike to Work Day is a rain or shine event! However, it is the discretion of each individual pit stop manager to call off their local pit stop under extreme conditions. If a cancellation is made, your pit stop manager will contact you via email, 24 hours in advance. If there is a hint of rain, it’s encouraged to pack rain gear, just in case. Tips for cycling in the rain

There isn’t support staff or volunteers to assist participants due to any mechanical issues. Please have your bike serviced and all repairs made prior to Bike to Work Day. During your commute, please carry all necessary repair tools and supplies such as an extra inner tube, air pump, multi-tool and we strongly suggest packing rain gear too (just in case!).

Besides registering, prepare for Bike to Work Day. Plan your route and take a test ride on a weekend.  Make sure to have your bike serviced at a bike shop and all necessary repairs made well in advance. If you are not confident about riding on the road, take a bicycle safety class with the Washington Area Bicyclist Association, visit

A working email account is required for registration. Organizers for Bike to Work Day send updates to participants about the event via email. Google and other companies offer free email services.

Bike to Work Day is open to riders of all ability levels. It’s a great opportunity for new and beginning riders to try bicycle commuting for the first time. There will be many other bicyclists who will be participating this year who have never commuted by bike before. There are many great resources for first-time riders.


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