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“This is the kick start I needed to start riding again.  I registered and will be coming from the Palisades”. –  Lisa Walker

“This is just what I needed to finally get up the nerve to bike to work.  (I’m nervous about getting hit by a car as I spent the last 6 years in rural Vermont where I was never worried about biking in traffic)!” – Carolyn Barnwell

“First time participating, but I bike to work at least once a week! Sterling to Reston!” – Liz Stock Olivier

“This was my first time participating and it was a wonderful experience. I stopped by the Chinn Center and the volunteers were amazing! Not only did they tune up my bike, but they gave me bunch of free goodies and breakfast. Thank you so much for having this event I plan to participate every year.” – Carrie Aceves

I moved to DC from rural MA just this week to start a job; bike to work day was just what I needed to get me on my bike and experiencing urban riding. Ride on!”- Joanie Cohen-Mitchell, Ed.D.

“It was a great sight to see the first time ever pit stop in Greenbelt for the National Bike to Work Day. And my ride with the convoy to College Park pit stop was also enjoyable, as was the time there. I have been biking (and using public transit) to work since 1981, and it is most reassuring how bicycling accommodations are improving.” – Best, Bill Norwood

“Just a short note to say thanks for all the planning and work that went into BTWD.  This year was the first time I participated.  Colleagues at work participated last year and had talked about what a great event it is.  The pit stop in College Park was nice and, conveniently for me, was located at about the halfway point between my house in North Laurel and work.  I stopped, had a cup of coffee and some fruit, chatted a bit with folks there, and then continued on my way.  The 27-mile ride from home to work was pleasant, and I felt more relaxed at work after the two hour ride than after my usual 45 minute drive on I-95 and the Beltway.  I felt the same way in the evening after the ride home.  I am planning to bicycle to work one day a week through the summer.  If it had not been for BTWD as a motivator, I’m not sure I would have seriously considered bicycling to work on a regular basis.” – Michael Ratcliffe

Hello I really enjoy bike to work day, several of us work at the University and either ride together or meet up at the stop to say hello and get a photo.  It is really nice of you all to put this together for us 🙂 and thank you for the food and bike repairs that is AWESOME! Thank you again!  – Linda Rossi

“Wow, what an amazing event! Thanks for setting it up! Had a great time and appreciated all the goodies! Thanks!” – Luke Mihalovic

“I enjoyed the Bike to Work Day 2012. There seemed to be many more riders this year and fewer autos on the road too. I enjoy biking to work for the health of it.” – Pam Lambird

“This is my second year doing this, as before, thank you very much for BTWD! Cheers!” – Rich

“Hi, I’ve participated in every bike to work day since 2002. Always a great experience and a good reminder that biking is doable – challenging, but doable – in the D.C. suburbs. Thank you for the t-shirt and water bottle! And thank you to all who make this happen, and do all the hard work behind the scenes and during the day at the pit-stops to make it a great experience, that I will do again next year!” – Tom Dickinson